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A Road To Home was born out of the desperate need for animal welfare resources in rural Lincoln County.  There is neither animal shelter, nor any county or municipal facilities available to provide for the countless lost, stray and abandoned animals in the community, and little resource for owners seeking to recover lost pets.  These helpless animals were losing their lives or being quickly transferred out of the area without a chance to return to their homes.
A group of passionate locals dedicated to rescuing these innocent creatures that cannot help themselves began working tirelessly, using their own resources.  Local law enforcement and veterinary hospital staff began to collaborate with these community members.  With the support of local government and a growing foundation of dedicated volunteers A Road To Home Inc., animal rescue was created in 2016.
A Road To Home has saved countless animals, including cats and dogs that have been victims of gunshots and hit and runs.  We have been brought animals abandoned when a family moves, and have participated in the resolution of tragic animal hording situations.  We have also been blessed with the opportunity of helping these animals find their forever home.
Regardless of how these animals find their way to us, A Road To Home ensures that the animal receives the best possible chance at health and happiness, regardless of breed, age, or temperament.  A Road To Home believes that every companion animal deserves the opportunity to find a home where it can love and be loved!

Recently the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce named A Road to Home as the local Volunteer of the Year 2016, recognizing the hardwork of our volunteers and board.

Comming Soon!!
Millie's Messages: a place to learn about animal welfare, behavior, science, and anything else that effects the health and happiness of our companion animals.
Krissy's Konversations: a place to ask questions and find answers.  Like Krissy herself, this will be a quiet place, not a site for negativity.